Aion Core has stepped down.

The reason as to why Aion Core came into existence was to keep the Aion Open Source Server Emulation alive, since all other projects had decided to either close or go closed source (Aion Engine, for example).
So, to offer a sanctuary for all those who wished to keep it alive, but weren't able to, we created Aion Core.

And despite the project having its ups and downs, we deem it a success.
This because not only did we manage to keep the Open Source community alive, but we also managed to spawn other projects who wowed to pick up the pace.
And therefore we are now stepping down in favor of Aion X Emu. This to avoid the confusion that may arise from having two separate projects working on the same thing (Such as L2j/L2jfree, eAthena/Aegis, and other similar fork projects).

We thank you all for your time, patience, contributions and help. The project wouldn't have existed without you. And we hope that all of you will continue to work as hard on Aion X Emu.
We also wish all the best to the staff of Aion X Emu, and we hope that they will encounter no hardship in making the Open Source Aion Private Server community flourish. :)

But don't worry, we'll still be lurking around. And if it should so happen that the Aion Open Source community faces extinction, we'll be there to offer a sanctuary yet again.

If you are still interested in Aion Open Source Server Emulation, we suggest you visit:

If you need to visit our forum, it will be kept in a read-only state for backup purposes:


If you need to contact me (Rexxar) for whatever reason, you may do so by email: